Protective Hooded Coveralls

Product Features


This product is made up of antibacterial composite film material with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). Its internal part is a thin, sturdy and durable film, which is antibacterial, waterproof, breathable and windproof. PTFE composite film material can effectively prevent and protect from bacteria, virus, toxic and harmful liquid and gas, as well as block the patient's blood, saliva, urine, and other body fluids, thus providing better and more comprehensive protection for users. [Reusability of PTFE material] After repeated washing and dressing over 10 times, the original overall performance of the product can be maintained. 

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Scope of Application

It can be applied for epidemic protection, biological isolation, anti-bacterial and seepage-proofing, chemical experiment, and as routine isolation in medical outpatient, ward and laboratory.

Type Specification:

It cS: 160-165cm M: 170-175cm L: 180-185cm


Avoid direct sunlight, and store in a ventilating, cool and dry place, in normal temperature, without corrosive smell.

Period of Validity: 2 YEARS


1. Select and confirm the type of protective suit before use. 2. Choose the right size according to your frame. 3. Put on the protective suit, and make sure the flap is closed properly. Decide whether to wear other protective articles according to actual requirements. You will obtain a better protection effect if you use the adhesive tape to seal the opening part on your face, hand/wrist.

Washing Instructions

1. When washing with disinfectant, such lotions with disinfecting function as 84 Disinfectant can be used. You can: Mix 84 Disinfectant at a ratio of 1:500. After soaking for about 20 minutes, wash the suit according to the normal washing flow, rinse with clear water for 2-4 times and dry in the air. 2. It can be washed with ordinary soap in daily life, and sun-drying can achieve disinfection effect


This product is a water-washable and antibacterial suit. Wash by hand only. Can't be machine-washed. Do not dry clean it.